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ICONO Solar is now making a noticeable impact especially in the lives of rural masses. Simultaneously though, its use for urban and semi-urban applications is also growing by the day. Solar Energy products like solar panels are now widely being used in India and other parts of the world.
Generate your own power with the ICONO Solar range of compact and efficient solar power packs — a low maintenance, silent and pollution-free alternative to diesel generators. This solar UPS / solar inverter comes with solar panel, battery and inverter can give you power when it is most required. And what’s more, the fuel is free!

With energy consumption growing at an unprecedented pace, utilities are struggling to bridge the demand & supply gap in the grid-connected regions. On the other hand, there are several remote and isolated parts of India that are yet to receive connectivity. At ICONO Solar, we harness the energy of sun to provide you with products that are portable, durable, reliable and grid-independent to fulfil your day-to-day energy needs.
This section is dedicated to the wide array of solar lighting products for home lighting, outdoor lighting, portable lighting & power back-ups. These products use high efficiency and long life solar lamps that have lighted up the lives of millions of people across the world.