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Technical Help, User Guides and After Sales Advice
ICONO is happy to provide technical advice and assistance on the ICONO range of products (please see the telephone numbers below to find the product you have a query about), however we regret to advise that this service cannot be extended to products from other manufacturers. If you have a technical query about a non ICONO branded product, then please contact the relevant manufacturer directly.

Call the ICONO Helpdesk
If you have a technical question, or you need post-sales advice on any ICONO branded product, then please feel free to contact the relevant ICONO Helpdesk for the specific product in which you're interested. Please click here to visit the ICONO branded product help pages, then use the navigation provided to find the specific product on which you need help where the appropriate helpdesk number will be listed.

ICONO Tech Experts
ICONO customers can subscribe to ICONO Tech Experts, an advanced technical help-desk who can assist with a range of devices. Their specialist knowledge covers assistance with set up, online security and dealing with viruses, installing software and backing up data. Call free on 9220 000 404.

Special Note for Textphone Users
Customers who are Textphone Users (deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired customers) should prefix the specific Helpdesk number you need with
9220 000 404.