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Welcome, ICONO® Ventures is a company with diversified interests with presence in Electronics, Construction, Media, Publishing, Capital, Logistics, Hospitality and Agricultural. Having a strong infrastructure vision and believes in well researched sustainable Product Cycle from Production to Recycling and Possible Reuse. ICONO® is a new brand shining on shores. The group currently owns over 15 Trademarks associated to its various activities and interests.

In Electronics the group provides innovation through various products like LED TVs and technologies, Mobile Phones, AIOs, Security Devices, Biometrics, Solar and Renewable Energy, Home Audio and Medical Equipments through brand ICONO®.

USBTIMES® is a brand promoted by ICONO® Ventures for USB Supporting Gadgets being sold through USBTIMES® Kiosks. BATRIX® is a rooftop Solar Solution integrated for home and office energy consumption, storage and grid integrations.
Various Electronics and Gadgets are being promoted through Flagship Store of ICONO® as ICONOMYSTORE®. The group also plans 300+ such exclusive/non-exclusive dealerships of Brand ICONO® through ICONOMYSTORE® Express.
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